Ceastal virgin

Kiana. Age: 22.

This Celestial Virgin was feigned to be a mother. She is represented in the Indian Zodiac of Sr. William Jones, with ears of corn in one hand, and the lotus in the other. In Kircher's Zodiac of Hermesshe has corn in both hands.

Kali. Age: 28.

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Skip to main content. Salt marshes, seagrass meadows, and mangroves provide critical fisheries habitat and nursery grounds for many shellfish and finfish species that communities and economies rely on. They filter pollutants and improve water quality, reduce flooding and wave impacts for coastal towns and store a lot of carbon, a service we call blue carbon.

Zaria. Age: 26.

Virgin's Super Celestial Brunch

Biology and Fertility of Soils. In young white-dune soils with a very low content of organic matter, the influence of organic fertilisation on microfauna, ciliates and nematodes, was investigated. Three fertilisers — straw, rabbit dung, and wheat bran — were added to the soil in order to mimic natural conditions in older dunes.

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