Young teens sexting

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It's certainly never tied to any good headline. In a new research paper published this week in Lancet Child Adolescent Healthresearchers concluded that consensual sexting "in a committed partnership might be indicative of healthy exploration. Jeff R. Temple, lead researcher and University of Texas Medical Branch director of behavioral health and research, said parents who discover their teen has been or is the recipient of sexting should first take a deep breath.

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1 in 4 young people has been sexted, study finds

Sexting refers to the exchange of sexual content material via technological devices. The definitions of this phenomenon vary greatly, mainly, depending on the types of sexting: primary and secondary. Besides the above, there is no common perspective on whether sexting is a risk behavior that entails some type of impact by itself or not and, in such a case, whether this impact varies according to gender.

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Tips for Dealing with Teen Sexting

There are many reasons why children exchange explicit messages. There are other reasons why children sext. Many of these motives conform to those that inspire other teenage behaviours.

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Reuters Health - At least one in four teens are receiving sexually explicit texts and emails, and at least one in seven are sending sexts, a new study suggests. More than one in 10 teens are forwarding these sexts without consent, the study found. And roughly one in 12 teens have had sexts they sent shared without their permission.