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giraffe Women's Underwear & Panties

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giraffe lingerie

Our ProgramThe Pink Giraffe House runs innovative programs that provide homeless youth the assistance, training and resources they need to make a successful re-integration into society. Mentor Program Many homeless youth lack supportive adults in their lives. Mentors offer guidance, a listening ear, and an experienced perspective on life. Mentors also help youth set attainable goals, map out plans to achieve those goals, and begin to successfully implement them.

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Polyester can never replace silk when it comes to sleek styled underclothes. At SimSilk, we pride ourselves on feeding our silk worms a rich diet of pure silk worm milk for extra silky silk. Now your Sim can have their cake and eat it too! With this combined set your Sim can blend right in with their swanky new pad with their very own sexy sleepwear!