Why is distance learning needed for adult learners

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He is currently an assistant professor of Computer Technology at Amasya University. Although online distance education provides adult learners with an opportunity for life-long learning, there are still factors challenging them to engage in educational processes. The purpose of this study is to explore the challenges faced by adult learners in online distance education through the analysis of the relevant literature. The findings reveal that adult learners have challenges related to internal, external, and program-related factors indicating the interrelated nature of these challenges.

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Professional Development of Adult Learners through Open and Distance Learning

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5 Tips For Effective Distance Learning With Adult Learners

Jump to navigation. Distance learning DL can help reach adults who cannot access ABE services in-person, and provide greater intensity of service for those already being served. DL can increase access, reach underserved populations, empower learners, expand learning, meet individual needs, help adult learners prepare for lifelong learning in the workplace, and assist college bound adults to prepare for online environments.

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The chapter deals with opportunities and challenges of distance learning in higher education. One challenge comes from the changing perceptions of what learning is all about. The second challenge comes from new learning opportunities that technology now affords.