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Yes, pubic hair does have a purpose. Above all else, it lessens friction during sex and prevents the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens. Some people prefer to let it grow, while others trim it, shave it, or wax it.

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5 Women On Why They're Done Shaving Their Pubic Hair

More and more women are growing out their pubic hair, refusing to go bald, or forgoing that landing strip for the full hairy bush in all its glory. Recently, Amber Rose went viral for posting a picture on Instagram of her bush, and there was a feature written in Vice on June 6 declaring that hairy vulvas were making a comeback in the porn industry. Caution: images in this post are NSFW.

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Hairy Pussy at Hairy Divas

Almost two decades after the hairless Hollywood wax became the only acceptable state for the genitalia of women - and to a lesser extent men - is pubic hair finally making a comeback? It sparked an intense debate proving how controversial a few tendrils of hair can still be. And, as Vice recently reported, pubes are even back in porn, which has long been blamed for women having to go hairless in the first place. It's a change in attitudes that the founders of Fur, believed to be the first ever premium pubic hair grooming product, are betting on.

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In fact, it is based on the fact that she is a girl… and therefore she understands the other chicks. It is based on the makeup of the girl. If she wears very few makeup, botched or old-fashion, she must have the tuft.