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Given that women make up nearly half of the total population of South Asians in the United States, gender equity is a critical goal within the South Asian community that groups and individuals are increasingly bringing to the forefront of advocacy. Significant disparities among men and women of South Asian descent are evident along several different variables, including education, presence in the workforce, annual income, and limited English proficiency. In the labor force, South Asian women are significantly underrepresented in comparison to men, particularly among Indians and Pakistanis.

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South Asian women lag behind men in literacy, workforce participation, reproductive rights and most other areas. Yet the region? March suggests the success of women leaders in India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries may be related to their family lineage.

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Voices of South Asian women: immigration and mental health.

For South Asian women, a major hurdle to their meaningful participation online is their ability to ensure their safety. This post illustrates this challenge by recounting the safety and privacy challenges faced by women across India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, who talked to us about their online experiences. Overall, we find that women in the region face unique risks due to the influence of patriarchal norms and because fewer women are online. This post is a summary of the large-scale study led by Nithya that our team conducted in partnership with many universities around the world and teams at Google.

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The evolution and history of women in Asia coincide with the evolution and history of Asian continent itself. They also correspond with the cultures that developed within the region. Due to the patriarchal nature of traditional Armenian culture and society, [1] women in Armenia are often expected to be virtuous and submissive, to safeguard their virginity until marriage, and assume primarily domestic tasks.