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Many people associate the use of alcohol and other drugs with sexuality. It is common to find that each drug is associated with a specific effect on sexuality. Weekend recreational nightlife settings are increasingly important places for the young, and frequented by them more and more in search of sex and drug-taking opportunities. In this research we are interested in the role the young attribute to recreational drugs with regard to their sexual practices.

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What Sex Is Like on Every Popular Drug

It can increase your sex drive and give you huge bursts of sexually charged energy so that you can fuck for prolonged periods of time. It's really important to find out the risks of using these drugs, particularly if you are going to mix these drugs and also be drinking alcohol. Some of these combinations are dangerous and if you are living with HIV, then there is also a strong chance that the drugs will have an interaction with your HIV meds. Be sure to visit the drug pages to read up on that.

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Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll: Inside the cocaine-fuelled ARIA awards

Many people think that taking recreational drugs will help them have better sex. One study in Health Education Research found that 28 percent of British weed smokers ages 16—22 had used the drug to enhance sexual pleasure, along with 63 percent of ecstasy users, 54 percent of cocaine users, 32 percent of amphetamine users, and 26 percent of LSD users. Those questions can be difficult to answer.

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