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Jacob Silverman is a contributing editor for the Virginia Quarterly Review. One of the axioms of Internet culture is that we are all critics now, constantly rating, parsing, debating and shouting opinions into the ether. In this world, professional and amateur criticism are often considered to be at odds with each other. Blogs, Twitter, Amazon and GoodReads users on one side; newspaper and magazine critics -- the old guard -- on the other.

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Movie Review – Amateur (2018)

It was reported in the news that the FBI has been investigating corruption within college basketball in regard to recruiting violations. In April of this year, federal prosecutors filed an indictment including student-athletes linked to North Carolina State University and the University of Kansas. Several cases have challenged the rules to change them, but, as it stands, the rules limit the money that can go to student-athletes in whatever fashion or whatever reason, aside from providing for an education.

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Indiewire Staff. The NCAA has taken a lot of heat for its systemic exploitation of young college players, offering them academic scholarships but then forcing them to sideline their education in order to play ball full time, making the school millions in the process. Popular on IndieWire. But after meeting William Gates and Arthur Agee, two inner-city kids laser-focused on making it to the NBA, the filmmakers set out on a nearly six-year journey, following both Gates and Agee through high school and into college, by which point the shape and reality of their dreams had changed, in sometimes heartbreaking fashion.

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