Penis trapped in tight underwear

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Hi, I'm Brian. Welcome to Tubesteak, a regular column where I talk about penises mostly and what I do with mine and what you should do with yours. There will also be some discussion of cocks, cocksuckers, cuckolds, and maybe, just maybe, a clitoris or two. But, honestly, mostly just dicks.

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Three Days of Torture in a Male Chastity Device

In case of sudden erection, it doesn't cause discomfort. Also, the balls remain free and doesnt get pressed. Talking about science, erections happen when more blood flows into the penis and less blood flows out.

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Whats the correct way to place your penis in underwear?

However, it is now an important health issue than men sleep without their boxers, according to a doctor. Bacteria will thrive here and cause a much higher change of chaffing, skin irritation and infections. Penis size, shape and appearance can change as you age - and one urologist has revealed exactly what men can expect.

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Remember back in elementary school when everyone pulled their undies down to their shoes at the urinal? Turns out this might be the solution. Many young people are in a hurry and simply do not empty their urine all the way.