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Under normal circumstances, a healthy person should not need to force urination. Instead, the body will naturally tell a person when they need to pee. Forcing urination should only occur when required for a medical sample.

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Is Using the Bathroom in the Middle of the Night Normal?

Urination is the release of urine from the urinary bladder through the urethra to the outside of the body. It is the urinary system 's form of excretion. It is also known medically as micturitionvoidinguresisor, rarely, emictionand known colloquially by various names including peeingweeingand pissing. In healthy humans and many other animals the process of urination is under voluntary control.

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How Normal Is Peeing In The Middle Of The Night?

Obviously, considering a certain expected amount of exertion, sweat takes care of a lot of fluid intake — but with long stages and the need to stay hydrated of paramount importance, sometimes a rider is going to have to take a leak. So how do they do it? The answer is the question is that, unsurprisingly, peeing is a rather personal thing — and different riders take different approaches. Anyone that keeps rolling is bound by unwritten law not to attack during this time.

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Try to keep telling yourself it's lucky to be on the receiving end after you read this By Luis Villazon. Mammals remove excess nitrogen from their bodies by converting it to a dilute solution of urea, stored in the bladder.