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Just minutes after waving goodbye to Cheryl on their first official night out together, he sidled up to Alexandra Taylor in the bar of a London nightclub. The shameless footballer brought Alexandra home for sex — in his bachelor flat in the same apartment complex where Cheryl was living. Hours earlier, he and Cheryl had danced cheek to cheek, apparently smitten with each other on the night their relationship became public. But Cheryl had had to leave early because she had commitments the next day with Girls Aloud.

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Ashley Cole begged lingerie model: Send me a naked photo

Ashley Cole admitted taking naked photos of himself on a pay as you go unregistered phone last night, which somehow allegedly ended up on glamour model Sonia Wild's phone. Injured Ashley stated that he did take the photosbut says he gave away the phone to a friend because it still had credit on it. He said:. I thought I'd deleted it.

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Naked Ashley Cole photos sent to model Sonia Wild

Errant England ace sex texting girl two hours before World Cup game. His mind seemed to be on phone sex more than it did on football. Cole sent his first text to the model at 9.

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Sexy Sonia Wild received pics of Chelsea defender Ashley Colestripped naked - and replied with naked videos of herself. The England player - who is married to X Factor judge Cheryl Cole - insists he gave away his mobile phone to a friend because it still had some credit left on it. He reportedly said: "I can't believe I gave a phone away that still had stuff on its memory.