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Karen had turned 18 in May. Her parents had never let her date until her junior year of high school. They became fast friends as young girls frequently do with older women and a regular feature at our house frequently baby sitting our young boys. I liked to joke and tease with her.

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Keith Sandberg November 15, The room was filled with votive candles which flickered and filled the room with a warm glow. The king size bed dominated the room with its massive wooden headboard and piles of crisp white coverings and pillows. Karen was awe struck by the time and effort it must have taken to do this and she was touched that Bonnie had taken the time.

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Reina woke up a little groggy in a strange bed. Where, the hell, was she? And why did she feel so sore?

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This story from David has been read 3 9 8 1 times. My sister Karen Written by Davidongenre incest My sister Karen 23 is a party girl and goes out partying every chance she gets, I find her passed out every now and then. Back in June, I arrived at her apartment get a suitcase she had said I could use for my trip.