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On the other hand, if you are a confident good guy who is fairly dominant at times, then you will be able to attract the majority of beautiful women and keep a woman happy in a relationship. She will be happy and excited to meet a good, confident guy who makes her feel feminine in comparison to his masculinity and occasional dominance, while also treating her well. Finally, if you are very dominant man, you will be able to attract a lot of hot women, but in order to keep a relationship together you will also need to be a good guy who is loving and respectful towards the woman.

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Beanie Feldstein’s Global Domination Continues With How to Build a Girl

The news of the past year--with near-daily stories of sexual harassment and assault, gender inequality, and other issues affecting women in the workplace --has reinforced the fact that, however far women have come, we still live in a male-dominated world. We see the need for change in countries around the world and in virtually every field and industry. Good as it is that so many stories validating women's experience are coming to light, that's just the first step. We need to make metoo not just a hashtag but a call to action.

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How to Dominate a Woman: 4 Examples

Sure, every woman wants to be respected and cherished by men. However, she is happiest when she is with a man who leads her and make important decisions for her. In other words, she wants a dominant partner, not a wimp. Sure, there are lots of ways you can use to dominate a woman emotionally….

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There is not a single country in the world today whose top political position is held by a woman. Although, during the last decade, women have entered fields previously barred to them, men still monopolize the key positions in government, industry and military institutions. The questions remain: Are there innate biological harriers that prevent women trom attaining equal power? Or, is there something built into the human male that makes it more natural for him to command females than for females to command him?