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This page is an archive and its contents should be preserved in their current form; any comments regarding this page should be directed to Wikipedia talk:In the news. Nominator's comments: The US is expected to provide an explanation for the allegation over the coming days; the EU parliament president has stated that EU and US relations would be severely impacted if the allegations were true, and various commentators have noted that the allegations could have a direct impact on a proposed Trans-Atlantic trade agreement worth potentially billions of dollars. Nominator's comments: "first time the former leader of an African state has been tried by another" at the behest of the AU.

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Whilst the ego does take a blow, what really grinds my gears is when their recollection of events is somewhat at odds with the facts recorded. Thank you for sharing that with me. Is that the faint ringing of a an alarm bell that I hear? Gears already starting to stick, I looked up on our software our previous interaction with this individual.

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After Arundel means not just because of or despite Archbishop Arundel and the repressive legislation associated with himfor it also asks what models and taxonomies will be needed to move beyond Arundel as a fixed star in the firmament of especially literary scholarship in the period. It aims to supply the next phase of scholarly exploration of this still often dark continent of religious attitudes and writing with new tools and technical vocabularies, as well as to suggest new directions of travel. If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here:. Religious Writing in Fifteenth-Century England.