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The tale of Rick Grimes and his walker-battling friends gets a twisted retelling when the Robot Chicken Nerd visits the Walking Dead Museum and meets an aging survivor. Popeye and crew get rebooted to fit in with today's audience. And Bitch Pudding takes on the role of a Handmaid.

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Disclaimer: This story includes details of sexual abuse and may be triggering to some. His face lit up so much I remember thinking he looked like the sun. I was 4 at this time.

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Project STARS has carried out the first long-term study into romantic relationships and sexuality among Dutch teenagers. Interestingly, the diaries the teenagers kept for the researchers reveal that the teenagers think more about falling in love and relationships than about sexual contact. How do relational and sexual developments take place in young people during adolescence?

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Mary Beth McAndrews explores virginity, shame and awkward realities in the teen movies of our collective youth. Virginity: the pinnacle of teenage success is losing it. Being a virgin is a shame that many try to hide, before then wearing its loss like a badge of honor once it has been taken away.