Dear vagina

Malia. Age: 26.
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It's heartening to have connected with so many people around the globe who believe in and have supported our mission. We are so pleased to have raised a substantial amount of funds through this crowdfunding campaign and we have decided to extend the deadline by two weeks in order to explore additional options available to reach our target and continue crowdfunding to help reach our goal. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to open the first ever Vagina Museum. We truly believe that the Vagina Museum will be of huge benefit to our community and beyond by destigmatising this part of the body and

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Amari. Age: 30.
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Twitter thinks the word vagina is “vulgar, obscene and distasteful”, according to this thread

Women are supposed to like sex, right? I mean, all girls dream of the perfect mate that will woo her and wed her, and bed her. We dream of candlelight dinners on the beach, and long walks hand-in-hand.

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Adilynn. Age: 23.
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Dear Vagina…

I am pissed off. Nay, shall I rephrase last said? I am severely displeasured. I feel deeply violated in my internet rights.

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So please vagina, Just get me through this thing. I promise just one way traffic after this, Under the calming influence of gin. Really knackered. Hahahaha great poem, particularly like the fall apart or split bit.