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Artificial intelligence developed by a Samsung lab in Russia can fabricate video from a single image, including a painting. The bad guys don't have their hands on that tech yet, but Samsung has figured out how to make it happen. Software for creating deepfakes -- fabricated clips that make people appear to do or say things they never did -- usually requires big data sets of images in order to create a realistic forgery. The technology, of course, can be used for fun, like bringing a classic portrait to life.

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Emotion Index of Cover Song Music Video Clips Based on Facial Expression Recognition

Find out if your device is compatible. To use Animoji, you need a compatible iPhone or iPad Pro. Learn more about using Animoji and Memoji stickers. You can find a saved Animoji in the Photos app on your iOS device, but you can't save an Animoji sticker.

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Choosing the right brush head for your skin is key. If you breakout in spots or pimples, when you first start using a facial brush, don't worry - this is natural. If skin is naturally sensitive, over using a cleansing brush can mean it becomes more sensitive as the natural barrier is broken down.

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The algorithm behind the new tool purportedly compares these data sets against 25, other data points taken from the profile of successful candidates. Vodafone, Unilever and Hilton are said to be among the companies that rely on the candidate screening tool. But, as with all machine learning software to date, the data sets used in training the algorithm are believed to be limited. Some experts are hence wary that the AI system would only replicate the biases inherent in the data sets, such as prejudice against certain classes.