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Cablematic QCST 750T-R Quick Change Coring/Stripping Tool - Green body

The invention relates to the field of electrical connectors, and more particularly to a pass-through connector and method for passing insulated electrical conductors such as pins or multi-stranded wires through a surface or bulkhead. The electrical systems of automobiles, boats, aircraft, and other vehicles present numerous wiring problems. It is often necessary that wires must run through compartments without introducing environmental leakage between or from the compartments.

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Dynamic compression plate DCP constructs provide inadequate fixation in cases of poor bone quality and early weight-bearing. Screw locking elements SLE are flat locking nuts placed at the end of the screw to prevent screw stripping from the bone, improving fixation stability. The purpose of this work was to compare biomechanical and radiological evaluations of femoral ovine osteotomies fixed using DCP constructs with and without SLE.

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General Notes on Wire-Wrap Construction. There are inexpensive manual wire-wrap tools available, but in my view they are of little value for anything but minor repair work. You must recognize that wire-wrap is a relatively expensive technique, and that you must invest in some expensive tools….