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Takeaway: Anal stretching is a key component of higher-level anal play - and it isn't as scary as it sounds. If you're new to anal playyou might be thinking, "what?! Why would I want to stretch my butt?! But anal stretching is actually a key component of higher level anal play - and it isn't nearly as scary as it sounds.

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The 29 Best Butt Plugs for Beginners

Anal play has many perks—whether a purely solo act paired with a vibrator OR a vibrator and penetration, it just adds that extra OOMPF to bring your orgasms to a whole new level. One great, super-approachable way to get that anal stimulation started is investing in a beginner butt plug—something small enough not to feel intimidating but still able to get the job done. But as you'll see from this list there are SO many options. Every legitimate butt plug has a flared base so it doesn't get lost up thereis body-safe aka easy to clean and won't carry any toxic chemicals or bacteriaand has a tapered tip so insertion won't hurt.

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Anal Masturbation for Beginners

Have you thought about the health of your butt lately? We tend to give anal health the short shrift in comparison to the time we spend thinking about the well-being of our vaginas, those pampered show ponies of the underwear area. But anuses require good treatment too, and that includes refraining from putting certain items and substances into or around them.

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Butt plugs. There is very little poetry about them. Yet these sturdy little or big toys have multiple practical and pleasurable uses.