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Prostasia Foundation. Are you comfortable in your own body? Or sometimes, when you close your eyes and dream, do you imagine yourself in a different body—perhaps not even a human body, but something closer to an animal, or a fantasy creature?

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Talk:Furry fandom/Archive 13

Furryor more fully, furry fandom is a general term referring to both a genre of art and literature including comics concerning anthropomorphic animalsand the fan culture that surrounds this genre. An enormous amount of variance applies to both applications of the term, both in degree and type. The culture of the furry fandom is easily as diverse as its art.

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Talk:Furry fandom/Archive 13

Here's the related Copyright information for my images. If you haven't read the "Pillow Page" cautions, I urge you to do so now. For the uninitiated, "Khyber" is Cockney rhyming slang for the backside, i.

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Someone has recreated an article to replace the redirect that was put in place after an AFD in I've questioned whether an article should exist or whether it should be included in this article on Talk:Furry lifestylerbut thought I'd mention it here as well. I don't see how a lifestyler article could possibly stand alone, myself, and would encourage replacing the redirect.