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The forensic examination following rape has two primary purposes: to provide health care and to collect evidence. Physical injuries need treatment so that they heal without adverse consequences. The pattern of injuries also has a forensic significance in that injuries are linked to the outcome of legal proceedings.

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Porn star Lily Adams broke down in floods of tears as she told DailyMailTV of the terrifying moment an award-winning porn director allegedly anally raped her during a 'go-see' meeting at his home. Speaking for the first time since she made the allegations on Twitter earlier this year, Adams said she cried out in pain when the director - who goes by Stills by Alan - held her down and sodomized her at his four-bedroom house in Los Angeles, California. When the then year-old porn starlet asked him to stop, whimpering in agony as he raped her over and over again, the year-old director told her: 'I'm old enough to be your father, you do as I say.

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LA Fitness guy in green shirt. Telling him that "sometimes the truth serves no purpose other than to hurt" is a cop-out and a lame one at that. Yes, sometimes the truth is painful. But like any other emotion, it passes.

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A list of horror films with sexually driven themes, or scenes. These titles are likely to be sexually exploitive and extreme in nature. However, some films listed may be simply sexual explicit, containing full nudity, without horror, or violence directly relating to the sex acts. As with my other lists, this is just another category of films that exist within the horror genre.