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Everyone thinks they know what sumo wrestling is. Well, yes and no. Sumo may seem comical to you and me, but it is actually a very serious business — there is an awful lot more to sumo wrestling than most outsiders ever realise. Here are a few of the amazing things I learnt about sumo — I hope they will encourage you to go to go and see a tournament for yourself!

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The Wrestling Women of Lucha Libre - Female Mexican Wrestlers

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Youtube chubby women wrestling

Mexican professional wrestling Lucha Libre is a sports tradition in Mexico that has spilled over into America's culture. And in Lucha Libre Mexicana, the luchadoras female wrestlers are just as respected as the male wrestlers are, in contrast to the way they are treated her in the US. And remember, this is more than just girls wrestling in the ring, this is a Mexican tradition.

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Priscilla Kelly born June 5, [1] is an American professional wrestlerprofessional wrestling valet[1] and former actress. She is best known for her appearances in Shine Wrestlingwhere she is a former Shine Nova Champion. Right" where she was the main focus in the episode. During the match, with Tuna laid out on a folding chairKelly pulled out a bloody tampon from her ring tights and stuck it in Tuna's mouth.