How to give yourself sexual pleasure

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Masturbation is pleasurable, relieves stress, reduces pain and teaches you more about your own sexual desire than anyone else ever could. And yet many women are still embarrassed about solo sexual fun, while some just don't know where to start. Fortunately Harley Street psychotherapist, broadcaster and health writer Christine Webber is on hand to teach you how to pleasure yourself and learn the health benefits of female masturbation.

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Masturbation 101: A Guide to Solo Sex for Women

In my 20s, I was oddly committed to seeking out my orgasms from other people a notoriously unreliable source. I understand having to work through shame and body issues before becoming completely comfortable with self-pleasure, but I really recommend doing whatever unblocking you need to start to pushing your own buttons ASAP. But you have to promise to control your inner Cersei; a person can get drunk off this much power. The first tip comes from sex researcher and neuroscientist Debra W.

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How To Pleasure Yourself Better, Because You Deserve The Best

You're stressed out ugh, work! What's a girl to do? Masturbate, of course!

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I went to my trusty source, our aging dictionary no Google back thenand read something that was equally puzzling. What's self-pollution?!? Women were most likely to enjoy the act without guilt or shame if they felt positively about their genitals and if they reported that they masturbate for sexual pleasure and to learn about their bodies. Even better, you could masturbate with your partner.