Help for the antisocial adult dog

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One of the most common behavior problems I see among adult dogs is overly reactive or fearful behavior. People frequently think that when they see a dog that barks and lunges at other dogs or people on the leash that the dog was not properly socialized as a puppy. However, this is a common misconception.

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How to Socialize a Dog Through Dog Training Classes & More

Join Now. Ideally, puppies are socialized early in life by being exposed to as many new experiences as possible before they reach twelve weeks of age. Sometimes, however, you're faced with the task of socializing an older dog. Perhaps you've adopted an older dog that was never properly socialized, or circumstances beyond your control prevented you from being able to properly socialize your young pup.

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Why Doesn’t My Dog Like Socializing?

Customer Service for Subscribers. How do you socialize adult dogs? Do you go to dog training classes or is there more? Let's talk about how to socialize a dog, especially if that dog in question is an adult dog.

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As dog lovers, there's an image we all love to see: a happy dog playing confidently at the dog park with his friends and enjoying the company of the people he meets throughout his lifetime. Many of us take this desirable behavior for granted because our pets are social and outgoing. But to dog owners with canine wallflowers, this remains a dream. Many dogs experience shyness due to certain experiences in their past, such as being mistreated and abused.