Tips on buying vintage stereo

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The process of building a stereo can be overwhelming. Should you buy new gear or trawl the local stereo shop for vintage equipment? Do you need a subwoofer for music? Are high-end speaker cables really going to make a difference in sound?

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There were all sorts of configurations of stereo systems from the s going forward. Portable record players, consoles, consollettes, and so on. The finest quality systems separate each component into a separate item, and these are what we focus on. A good turntable is the most important choice for a vinyl system.

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Vintage Electronics Buying Guide

Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by 89grandFeb 8, Log in or Sign up. My advice for those buying vintage speakers.

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The former is the most simple, convenient and space-saving option, packing both pre- and power amplification into one chassis. This means everything has been tuned together, saving you the work that goes into matching separate amplifiers. Two-box amplifiers, on the other hand, involve splitting pre-amplification input selection and volume control, fundamentally from power amplification go on, guess.