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ExoticQueen Leader. My 1st issue is this: I'm thinking of buying myself these gold mermaid tail makeup brushes on Amazon. Which 1 do you think I should buy? If you're from a country that goes by neither of the above currencies, would you like me to convert to yours too for a better understanding?

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Stubborn Asshole

For instance, British speakers use "ass" in the sense of "stupid person" despite using "arse" and "arsehole" for the anally-related meanings. Why does the second definition of "ass" assume that anyone using it is a heterosexual male or a lesbian? The list of synonyms is even worse.

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Then comes the stomping, the crossed arms and the tears, and what was originally a pleasant evening of Elmo becomes a sleep-deprived tirade that will last for the next hour and result in her losing precious sleep time. This is pretty much how half of my days end, with my otherwise beautiful, sweet, three-year-old daughter refusing to go to bed. So, yeah, my kid is pretty damn stubborn, just like I was as a kid and I am now.