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We so often hear stories of conflict involving Law Enforcement officers that it was nice to be reminded the majority of cops really do serve and protect. In the first story, a woman named Kelly Duvall snapped a picture of a policeman behind a Circle K in Florida helping a homeless man shave, so he could apply for a job. The Tallahassee Police Department posted it on Facebook and the story has since gone viral. The second story was about an Alabama man who walked 20 miles to make it on time to his first day of work.

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First, Francis says something that comes across as genuinely humanecausing the media to go wild for him. Then, a few days later, the Church walks the statement backwhich typically gets a whole lot less coverage. This has happened again and again since Francis has become Pope. Yesterday the good cop struck again, with a statement acknowledging that gay Christians have "gifts to offer.

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Everyone Keeps Falling for the Catholic Church's Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine

One cop behaves in a very threatening and menacing way towards the suspect, while the other appears sympathetic, helpful and protective. The suspect is expected to be cooperative with the "good cop. Sometimes the Genre Savvy suspect makes fun of this technique.

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Registered in Ireland: Good cop Murtaugh was a man constantly on the verge of retirement, who was hauled back into action when things got rough. Riggs was more mad cop than bad cop.