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Anime about a normal high school girl that breaks a hella expensive vase and cross dress as a guy to pay for it. Anime about a smol angry dude and his fight against tol naked things with the help of his hot, adopted sister and rlly smart friend. Sports anime.

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Like the original series, it follows the origins of the Mew Mews closely, but with some major differences. In this version, all five girls are present when the red light activates their powers, and instead Zoey Ichigo in the original Japanese version spending who knows how many episodes searching for the other Mew Mews, they are all summoned by Elliot Ryou. The series also follows the Classic Ninja Turtles cartoon and the CGI Ninja Turtles series in humor, as wacky sound effects, fast foward scenes, and fourth wall breaking gags are included. The Cyniclons are still the main villains, with Deep Blue now a female acting as the head antagonist.

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Though then again, it was probably just a little girly for my taste. But ether way, it was good. However, this dub is not. Well, I was until I realized that originally, they where going to call this abysmal dub 'Hollywood Mew Mew'.