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View Full Version : adult content hidden in older games? What older games have adult content hidden in them? In order to qualify, it must satisfy the following: 1 the game must be an older game, which for our purposes I will define as any game which qualifies for the classic gaming forum, and 2 the content must be hidden.

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Anonymous I do not know. Like most of the crew then I guess. I've been scouring the web to find any kind of tidbits to what happened to the crew, and apart from the programmers and Jeanne, they're non-existent. Even the company's history is nowhere to be found except their released games.

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Games are a lot of things. Games are an expression of everything great creative people can conjure, be it a big AAA game that grabs millions, or a small indie project made by a dedicated few. Games are magic, and they have the ability to teach, explore, and delight entire generations. To be more specific, this is pure art in interactive form.

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Watch this video on Youtube. Love the new site James. Also, this game is the biggest pile of shit ever! This is one of my favourite Nerd videos of all time, has me lying on the floor every time:D The game is just so bad its almost as a joke.