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I do not know a ranking French politician who has not considered at one time or another writing and publishing a book, one with ideological and often even literary ambitions, as an essential rite of passage in his or her career. Is it the prestige, more acute in France than elsewhere, accompanying the creation of a book, a real book, and not merely a political platform? Is it the link between the pen and the sword, between politics and literature, which has been particularly close ever since the Encyclopedists and the French Revolution?

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C├ęcilia Attias: life with Nicolas Sarkozy

WHEN Nicolas Sarkozy campaigned for office inhe promised to be a modern president, in touch with ordinary folk. He did away with crusty protocol. He jogged with an iPod, spoke in plain language, even invited unionists to lunch. Yet halfway through his term, Mr Sarkozy finds himself charged with the arrogant use of power and contempt for public opinion.

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Speech at State Dinner Hosted by President of France Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

President Nicolas Sarkozy's uninhibited love of the trappings of wealth is revolutionising French attitudes in a country where flaunting money and success are traditionally taboo. Social commentators claim that after decades of understatement, a new "bling-bling" generation, as the French describe the phenomenon, is now taking hold of the bourgeoisie. One example cited by the magazine Le Nouvel Observateur is year-old Anna. She loves expensive hotels, the Courchevel ski resort and diamonds and she travels business class.

Gross domestic product has long been the chief measure of national success. GDP is under siege for three main reasons. First, it is flawed even on its own terms: It misses lots of economic activity unpaid household work, for example and, as a single-number representation of vast, complex systems, is inevitably skewed.