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Le Marche produces some of the best artisan food and wine to be found in Italy — Discover the unknown Le Marche with our Italian tours. Private guided tours can be arranged for independent travel to Italy and Le Marche. Le Marche is a region of Central Italy that is mostly hilly, and very picturesque. However, Le Marche also boasts a lengthy coastline along the Adriatic Sea, with a number of beautiful seaside resorts that are well worth visiting, such as Senigallia which is quite a modern city when compared to other destinations in the region.

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Umbria, Assisi & Le Marche Group Walking Tour

Le Marche is one of the most varied regions of Italy, wedged between the mountains of Apennines and the turquoise Adriatic Sea. It is a region which you can enjoy slowly with various tours. The inland area of Le Marche is without tourists especially in the Southwest region where there are many stone hill villages, creating the perfect atmosphere for Exclusive walking and hiking tours. Le Marche was known as the Picenum territory, a place occupied by the Senones which were a tribe of the Gauls.

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Marche Tours & Tickets

Ripatransone, The Marches. Montottone, The Marches. Grotto at Frasassi. At one time settled by the early italic tribe, the Umbrians, and considered part of Umbria by the neighboring Etruscansand later the Romansthe Marche were absorbed into the Papal States and more or less remained there, an undesignated area, until the area was incorporated into the modern country of Italy in and the modern Region and its provinces created.

When you visit Le Marche on your sightseeing Italy tour you will inevitably be struck by the wonderful bucolic landscape, the rich cultural heritage, the historic architecture and the quality of the local produce. Most of these artisans work for small family businesses that have handed down skills from one generation to the next, many still work by hand and, despite the demands of the global marketplace, there is still relatively little mechanisation. With the help of friends who were born and raised in the area, are extremely passionate about nature and the traditional Le Marche way of life we are pleased to offer you the following excursions that will allow you to experience and better understand why life here has remained unchanged for centuries.