Between extra virgin olive oil

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We all know that when it comes to olive oil, you have a choice between regular olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. But how do they differ? Olive oil is olive oil, right?

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7 things to know about extra virgin olive oil

It's more than just the price. At least 6, years before Crisco came on the scene, olive oil was the hottest commodity in a cook's and baker's cupboard. Olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil taste different and do not react the same way to the heat of cooking.

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The Difference Between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Other Olive Oil Varieties

To create a virgin olive oil we have to follow four basic steps. The picking of the fruit, the transport and cleaning, elaboration using centrifugation and the final filtration. Generally virgin olive oil is extracted by the means of a mechanic process named centrifugation.

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When it comes to "fats" it can be difficult to pick apart fact from fiction. Coconut oil promotes weight loss unlikely. Butter protects against cancer not exactly.