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About Us. The DHRA mission is to enhance the operational effectiveness and efficiency of diverse programs supporting the Department of Defense. DHRA combines centralized management of operations and administrative oversight with decentralized program guidance. It supports policy development, develops products and services that promote and sustain a high-performing workforce, performs research and analysis, supports readiness and departmental reengineering efforts, manages personnel data repositories, prepares future civilian leaders through developmental programs, supports recruiting and retention, and delivers both benefits and critical services to warfighters and their families.

Metrics details. This system provides QR code-based medical identification alerts and an in-hospital patient identification system. Every member of the medical system is assigned a unique QR Code Tag; to facilitate medical identification alerts, the QR Code Identity Tag can be worn as a bracelet or necklace or carried as an ID card. Patients must always possess the QR Code Identity bracelets within hospital grounds.