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Having friends makes us happier and healthier—in fact, being socially connected is key to our mental and emotional health. Yet many of us are shy and socially introverted. We feel awkward around unfamiliar people, unsure of what to say, or worried about what others might think of us. This can cause us to avoid social situations, cut ourselves off from others, and gradually become isolated and lonely.

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How Can a Shy Adult Get Dates Without Using Online Dating?

When the symptoms of shyness or social anxiety kick in, the only thing we want to do is disappear. Even though you may not be an instant Romeo, building your confidence with small steps will improve your love life. I suffered from shyness and social anxiety for years in my late teens and early twenties. Oh yeah, had some serious depression too.

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7 Ways to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

Does the idea of mingling at a party send cold fingers of dread creeping up your spine? Or the thought of giving a presentation in front of a room full of people make you feel physically sick? Akindele Michael was a shy kid. His parents, incidentally, are not shy.

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But when does shyness move from a manageable personality trait to a serious mental health issue? Many people are shy and under confident some of the time and in some situationsbut not in all facets of their lives. They would like to feel more at ease and would welcome having more people in their lives, but have a hard time making those things happen.