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In the primate world, plump breasts last only as long as breastfeeding doesexcept in humans. Women are busty all the time, even after menopause. According to some scientists, the trait is an evolutionary trick for snagging men and signals a woman's ability to feed her children. But no one can confirm an answer as to why women are the only apes with sizable chests.

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25 Real Photos Of Women’s Breasts (NSFW)

She is the woman with the most beautiful natural breasts. Her name is Emily Ratajkowski and she is the owner of a perfect body, which she does not shy away to show it with every chance she got. Emily Ratajkowski has a lot of followers on social networks.

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Mariyah. Age: 24.
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Meet the 23-Year-Old Who Has the Most ‘Beautiful’ Breasts in Japan

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They create an unflattering comparison but also an unobtainable ideal. I wanted to rehumanise women through honest photography. Dodsworth interviewed each woman at length, starting by asking them how they felt about their breasts.