Teens and family bonding

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Even though your children might be pulling away, itching for more independence, deep down they want to be involved in the family and know that you still love and care for them. A strong bond with your child, especially during the teen years, helps reduce the chances of engaging in risky behavior. It helps set the stage for preventing drug and alcohol use.

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Bonding with Your Teen

The teenage years are times of transition. The space between childhood and adulthood can often be confusing and distancing from what a teen has previously known. Bonding activities for teens either between one another or family members can help teens keep a sense of stability in life as they grow from child to adult.

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50 Fun and Positive Activities to Do With Your Teenager

We all know that as children get older it can become increasingly difficult to know what is going on in their lives and harder to stay close to them. Spending some quality time with teens might mean you have to make an appointment in their very busy social diaries, but there are ways around this. So what can you do as a parent to try and make sure that you stay close to your teen as they venture out in the big wide world?

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Language: English French. Adolescence is characterized by significant neurological, cognitive and sociopsychological development. With the advance of adolescence, the amount of time spent with parents typically drops while time spent with peers increases considerably. Adolescent-parent attachment has profound effects on cognitive, social and emotional functioning.