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Probably jealous of Richter's success in the US, the novelist Vladimir Nabokov described him as "a flaming fag. Richter was one of the greatest of 20th century pianists. When I was first at Juilliard, Bobby deGaetano was also, maybe 4 years older he died 4 years ago, I was totally shocked when I only found out a few months ago. He was a great beauty at the time, and Richter obviously fell in love with him.

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Remembering one of the best – and bitchiest – pianists who ever lived

Glenn Gould called him 'one of the most powerful communicators the world of music has produced in our time'. He was certainly one of the most enigmatic. Monsaingeon's award-winning portrait, Richter, The Enigma, provides a unique and gripping record of a man whose musical life spanned the century.

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Sviatoslav Richter

All you need is the desire to hear beautiful music piano music — solo, chamber and concerto — played in an arresting and original manner, an approach that takes risks that usually pay off but sometimes fail. There is much to single out for praise in this new biography — too much in fact for one relatively short review. This book picks up from all that and uses more obscure sources to push the limits of what we know about this enigmatic and curiously charismatic pianist.

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H ardly a month went by last year without another major release of recordings by the Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter, who died in at age Although his recordings are now more widely available than ever before, "Slava" Richter himself still seems a mysterious, ambiguous figure of modern music. The hidden aspects of his personality and the reason why he remained a remote figure in modern musical history became clear only after his death, when friends came forward to state what had been whispered for so long: Richter suffered untold miseries in his private life and public career because he was gay, at a time when the Soviet regime considered homosexuality a punishable crime. Inat the time of Richter's first trips to the West, he told Moor that he sometimes went months without touching a piano, but could not explain why.