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A troubled icon whose defiance and singular voice has influenced a generation, there has never been an artist quite like Nina Simone. The audience laughs, all set for an irreverent romp. What they get instead is a woman transformed by the relentless horrors and humiliations of the African American experience. By the time she returns to the microphone to address the audience again, the mood had changed.

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The rise and fall of Nina Simone

A black teenager has sparked fury after telling cult TV host Dr Phil she believes she is white and hates black people so much she supports the Ku Klux Klan. Treasure went on to liken black people to "gorillas" and claimed her aversion to black people was so strong she decided to start following race hate group the Ku Klux Klan. The teen was invited on the show after her mother Monique asked Dr Phil to intervene after she started making racist comments about African-American people to their faces. According to Monique, Treasure started "identifying as a white person as a young child" but after turning 16, her behaviour escalated to the point her family was too embarrassed to go out in public with her.

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From young pianist to jazz sensation — her life explored in a magnetic Netflix documentary. Most great artists have their legacy defined as much by their influence as by their output. Of those who do not, none is greater than Nina Simone. Her genius does not ring down the years in major work by successors.

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A debate over whether Zoe Saldana is the right actress to star in a biopic of Nina Simone, the black singer, pianist and civil rights activist, has been reignited after a poster and trailer of the movie were unveiled online this week and a message from a Twitter account belonging to representatives of Ms. Social media users have long debated the aesthetics of the casting sincewhen Ms. Simone, whose work adamantly emphasized the power and beauty of black skin. Comments seemed to focus not so much on Ms.