Missouri teen curfew

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By Mark Theoharis. When children, particularly teenagers, congregate in large groups, it tends to make adults nervous. It's also the cause of many curfew laws and ordinances that restrict juveniles from being in public places at certain hours. Curfew laws are very common, especially in cities, though some states have adopted statewide curfew laws as well.

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New Teen Curfew Begins Friday Night

Missouri's Graduated Driver License law requires that all first-time drivers between 15 and 18 years old complete a period of driving with a licensed driver Instruction Permitfollowed by a period of restricted driving Intermediate Licensebefore getting a full license. At age 16, the driver may obtain an Intermediate License. The Intermediate License allows the driver to drive alone except under certain conditions during a late night curfew am to am. The driver and passengers must use seat belts, be free of alcohol and drugs and obey the traffic laws.

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St. Louis Outlet Mall Sets 3 p.m. Teen Curfew

Local police will do a special effort to enforce a city curfew of a. Rowdy teenagers tend to disturb businesses and cause traffic late at night and especially on weekends. The enforcement is an effort to take care of this problem before summer rolls around. The problems seem to be especially an issue in parking lots such as K-mart and Hastings along Missouri Boulevard.

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We have created a list of over towns, cities, counties, and states where it is illegal for young people to be outside of their homes at certain times of the day. This list does NOT include emergency curfews, areas where curfews apply to everyone, or automatic curfews resulting from a criminal conviction. It includes both nighttime and daytime curfew laws, but this list should in no way be considered exhaustive. You are encouraged to read the exact code in the link provided as many of these laws have multiple exceptions, such as having permission from a parent or guardian or exercising your First Amendment Rights.