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This American Presidential election race hasn't been a pleasant thing to watch. In fact, it's been a well-manicured, expensively-buffed torrent of slander, seeking to debase candidates on both sides. All the usual smear campaign tactics have been employed, as you'd expect, but a man named Jerome R.

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This Man Has Proof That Obama Is Gay

When President Barack Obama launched his campaign for an open U. Senate seat in latehis wife Michelle enlisted the help of a longtime friend, Kevin Thompson. Michelle had gotten to know Thompson back in the early s, when she was still Michelle Robinson and the pair worked in the policy shop of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. Over the years, the two had stayed close, working together again at the University of Chicago Hospitals and swapping home improvement ideas over meals.

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Obama: Gay marriage ruling is 'a victory for America'

You've got a lot to be proud of, Jiwandeep. Thanks for everything you do to make this country a little more equal. Turban looks great, by the way. Happy Pride Month, everybody!

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He was the first self-identified homosexual [1] atheist [2] British [3] Kenyan [4] Egyptian [5] Commie - Nazi [6] [7] Freemason [8] Illuminati [9] Martian [10] Reptilian [11] multiracial person to be elected to the presidency, as well as a radical black [12] [13] ChristianJew [14] Hindu[15] Muslim[16] witch doctor[17] Satanist [18] founder of DAESH [19] and Antichrist. America elected a law professor with a J. While things generally went okay for the period, it did not return the U. Coupled with an aging voting population for whom social issues of the day were difficult to relate to and, in turn, the intellectuals who championed these ideasthe population was primed for anti-intellectualism.