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Adrian Powell is one of the main characters on Devious Maids. As the husband of EvelynAdrian is one half of Beverly Hills' most devious, albeit fascinating, couple. Following the tragic death of his sonAdrian couldn't help but blame his wife, steadily torpedoing their relationship across the course of two decades and creating irreparable damage as his voyeuristic arrangement led to instances of infidelity. Ultimately, he comes to realize that Evelyn is the love of his life - he just hopes he's able to convince her of the same thing before it's too late.

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Autassassinophilia is a paraphilia in which a person is sexually aroused by the risk of being killed. The fetish may overlap with some other fetishes that risk one's life, such as those involving drowning or choking. This does not necessarily mean the person must actually be in a life-threatening situation, for many are aroused from dreams and fantasies of such.