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Facilities should have a written comprehensive and coordinated planned program of daily activities appropriate for groups of children at each stage of early childhood. The objective of the program of daily activities should be to foster incremental developmental progress in a healthy and safe environment, and the program should be flexible to capture the interests and individual abilities of the children. These principles should address the following elements:.

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Romantic relationships have significant influence on emotional wellbeing of adolescents. In Indian context, scientific literature on adolescent girls in romantic relationship is very minimal and studies focused upon sexuality-related issues and pre-marital sexual relationship. Due to social and cultural aspects, few adolescent girls who are involved in romantic relationship run away from home. These girls would come under care and protection under many circumstances such as child marriage, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, etc.

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Environmental Enrichment and Successful Aging. Adult brain plasticity, although possible, remains more restricted in. Arguably, a second, more promising approach for humans is environmental enrichment.

There are situations in which seemingly consenting relationships may constitute sexual harassment. When a professional power differential exists between members of the University of Maine System and a romantic or sexual relationship develops, there is a potential for abuse of that power, even in relationships of apparent mutual consent. Faculty and staff members are strongly advised not to engage in such relationships.