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Cherish. Age: 22.

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Rowan. Age: 30.

A Nude Mod for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Has Been Released

The first big nude mod that came out on the PC was for the first Tomb Raider game. It took modders almost seven months in order to release a proper nude mod for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The mod was tested with version 1. In other words, one can safely select Low, Normal, High or Ultra.

Carolyn. Age: 21.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider now have a Nude Mod+25 sexy outfits *NSFW*

Seems pretty plausible in my opinion, the reason he left was because Lara was oversexualised, and before someone speaks about the bikinis in Legend wearing a bikini doesn't make you oversexualized or a slut. I sort of doubt Eidos was behind it. To quote Wikipedia: Quote:.

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