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Registered in Ireland: Noe had to spend hour days poring over his naked images in order to have the film ready. Ultimately his 3D ejaculation scene became the most talked about scene at the festival.

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Sex in film is the presence of sexuality in a film. Since the development of the medium, the presence in films of any form of sexuality has been controversial. Some films containing sex scenes have been criticized by religious groups or have been banned or the subject of censorship by governments, or both. In countries with a film rating systemfilms containing sex scenes typically receive a restricted classification.

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Marfa Girl 2 (2012)

This story was originally published in May and has been updated to include more recent HBO shows. But not everything HBO executives sign off on has been solid gold. The bottom ten would be the dregs: The real misbegotten products of the whole HBO experiment. Everything in between falls into more of a loose continuum.

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I have learned the hard way to avoid in future the effusions of pornographer Max Candy, and his various pseudonym pals confusingly using Moire Candy and Louis Moire handles to crank out dreadful features for Private and Marc Dorcel. IMDb's abnormally high rating for this one is clearly misleading. The talented Claudia Rossi, whose best work is for Harmony Films of London and talented fetish director Tanya Hyde, is the heroine and narrator, though she is poorly dubbed in English while the rest of the cast embarrassingly recites their pidgin Enlgish dialog personally.