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In the Fridae article 08 Augthe former Evangelical Baptist pastor Steve Parelli talks about his ex-gay and coming out experience. He came out in his mids, and that was about 10 years ago. Steve spoke about the need to re-think the whole evangelical theology, and not only adjust our scriptures on the same sex parts. This is surprising since the anti-gay movement has been led by the Evangelicals.

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Roberts Liardon

Ah, more has been revealed regarding the divorce of Benny Hinn. Last month various scenarios were posited as potential future realities and out of these one is emerging as the frontrunner. Most of whom have been well schooled in the wiles of the evil one and know what he is capable of. There is after all, a well established track record of Satanic victories over the internationally know sign-gift leaders.

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Spring 2002

I just wanted to share with you my heart. I was a member of the great church of Roberts Liardon, I went to the bible school and even went overseas for a year of my life. I attened the church for 9 years! At that time no one really knew what was going on behind the life of our once loved pastor.

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The key recommendations were: The Alliance commends the pastoral motivation and integrity of Jeremy Marks [leader of Courage]. It acknowledges the valuable contribution Courage has made into many lives. The Alliance acknowledges the desire of Courage to remain within the evangelical constituency and their desire for evangelical unity. The Alliance recognises the validity of a ministry strategy which seeks to minister to those of homosexual orientation without seeking necessarily to alter that orientation.