Elizibethian teens

Gloria. Age: 30.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, from tochildren were dressed like miniature adults, in the same style of clothing with variations according to social class. The female Elizabethan wardrobe was complicated by today's standards, especially for the rich, and anyone who could afford it would get dressed with the help of servants. Many of the undergarments worn by a young girl were the same, whether born nobly, into the middle class or to a working class family.

Simone. Age: 25.

Education and Leisure

But between the ages of 3 and 7 he gets his first pair of breech hose or breeches, but this depends on the assessment of his nurse and parents. Breeching was an event celebrated with a party; it is a time when the young boy becomes a young man. There were many beliefs for children during the Elizabethan era in England. Like their belief an infant must be wrapped in swaddling bands during the first 6 to 12 months of its life, this is because they believed that letting them use their limbs was unhealthy.

Celia. Age: 28.

The Elizabethan Era Children in England

Dolores's interest in fashion history dates from her teenage years when vintage apparel was widely available in thrift stores. The Elizabethan period in costume design refers to that time encompassed by the reign of Queen Elizabeth I from — during the Renaissance. The style of clothing and fashions of the Elizabethan era are distinctive and striking, easily recognizable today, and popular with designers of historic costume. As in the Middle Ages, the fabrics used to create garments of the Elizabethans were wool and linen.

Many of the major elements of Elizabethan family life were determined by whether the family was poor and belonging to the lower classes or whether the family was wealthy. The main exception to this was religion, whether rich or poor, young or old, everyone in the family was expected to attend a Protestant Church Service every Sunday. Elizabethan family life was determined by the many laws of the land which dictated not only religion but also the types of clothes members of the family were allowed to wear!