Asian themed fundraising

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Chinese auctions are very similar to silent auctions except they have a raffle component added to the mix. The bidding on items is done by ticket instead of by a written bid. In a Chinese auction, customers buy a number of tickets for a set price, then use the tickets to bid on the items on display by dropping them in a fishbowl next to the item.

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Chinese Auction

Whatever club you take part in at your school, you probably have to raise some money to continue doing the great things you do! If you need some help, look to crowdfunding and ask your friends and family members for donations. If you play on a sports team, you might need to raise money for equipment, travel expenses, jerseys, and more.

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13 charity fundraising ideas for people who love food

Admire or get inspired by some of these new and classic event themes that have a stylish twist. An event theme is the central idea upon which the rest of the event is based and can therefore be the event success or downfall, so be sure to choose wisely. It can help to add structure and style to any event, regardless of the type or budget.

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You should show sponsors and buyers that you want to make your plans a reality and that you have a well thought out plan for accomplishing those goals. You need to clearly state your reasons for why you think your APAMSA programming is needed at your school and what benefit the organization would bring to your school. Make a list of all tentative events and determine estimated costs each event.