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So yes, women are visual too. So why is it that female nudity is considered automatically sexy, while a dick pic all too often feels embarrassing, awkward, gross, or funny? Is it the difference between how the male and female brain perceive bodies? Or is it down to the objective attractiveness of male and female bodies?

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The heatwave is causing a number of problems for people across the UK, but apparently it's having one positive effect for men. With temperatures soaring to 30C and above, many people have found the weather somewhat of a struggle. Major retailers have sold out of fans and everyone is scrambling around trying to find creative solutions to keep cool. Some men are claiming that the heat is giving them 'summer penis', a phenomenon in which heat causes the penis to appear bigger.

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‘Summer Penis’ Is Real, and It’s Spectacular

Historically I have been scathing about cock rings, the one exception to this was the Atom by Hot Octopuss. When the Hot Octopuss Jett arrived I barely noticed the sleek packaging, such was my curiosity for the design. I can see the inspiration for the name. The Hot Octopuss Jett literally looks like a jet engine, especially when worn.

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