Coming out through the facial recess

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The exposure of the round window RW through the facial recess FR is sometimes partial. The anatomic variations that alter RW exposure during cochleostomy have not been clearly defined to date. The aim of this study was to assess the best FR position in which to achieve the widest exposure of the RW niche and to define the topographic relationship between two other important anatomical structures, the facial nerve FN and the chorda tympani CT. Twenty-four temporal bones were included in the study.

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Revisiting the Anatomy of the Facial Recess: The Boundaries of the Round Window Exposure

The ears are concerned with equilibration as well as hearing. Adjectives relating to the ear are aura land auditory L. Each ear comprises three parts: external, middle, and internal fig. The external ear, which conducts sound and protects the deeper parts, consists of the auricle described with the face and the external acoustic meatus.

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Minimally Invasive Transcanal Endoscopic Ear Surgery

Can I have a 15 blade? Is it alright if I start? Our skin incision is a lazy S type postauricular incision. Can I have a pair of pickups please?

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Endoscopes have rapidly become widely accepted in the performance of ear surgery. Current chapter describes surgical technique and benefits and limitations for endoscopic eradication of cholesteatoma, endoscopic tympanoplasty, endoscopic stapedotomy and endoscopic cochlear implantation. Endoscopy - Innovative Uses and Emerging Technologies.